Constituent Testimonials

Patsey Owings

“I e-filed my 2020 Form 1040 tax return on February 27, 2021. After not receiving my refund in 4 weeks, I began checking the IRS website for Refund Status. I kept seeing "your return is being processed". I kept checking daily for 9 weeks.  Attempts to contact the IRS were fruitless. I was always referred to the "Check My Refund Status" on the IRS website. My banker finally suggested I contact my members of Congress and see if they could help. Rep. Fletcher’s office requested a Privacy Authorization Form which was returned to her office on May 6. Again, her office responded they were looking into the matter but it may take up to 30 days. Then on May 17, I received another email from them that they had received word from the IRS Taxpayer Advocate Service that my refund would be deposited into my bank account that day. And it was!! If Rep. Fletcher's office had not stepped in who knows how long I would have waited for a simple refund. Thank you, Lizzie Fletcher! You demonstrate what government is all about.”  July 12, 2021

Silvio Calegari

“After I contacted Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher, I had an immediate response from the SBA in regards to my EIDL loan. The process was long and frustrating but thanks to her team, I got the response and funding in a matter of days. This program is amazing and helped to save so many small businesses with grants and low interest loans, but it was a difficult and long process. I am so thankful everything worked out and really appreciate her support.” July 11, 2021

Mackenzie Fielder

“I contacted Congresswoman Fletcher's office because TWC's system made multiple errors causing issues with my unemployment benefits. It was incredibly difficult to get a hold of someone at TWC who could help me, but I heard I could reach out to my local Representative to get some help. Congresswoman Fletcher's office quickly responded to my emails and had a TWC representative call me to get both of my problems fixed. Congresswoman Fletcher's staff was also extremely kind and provided me with peace of mind. I don't doubt that it would have taken much longer to get help if I hadn't reached out to Congresswoman Fletcher's office.” July 9, 2021

Aixchelt Jarquin

“The Texas Workforce Commission issued overpaid statements to a lot of unemployment benefits recipients including myself. Federal Unemployment assistance was terminated by Gov. Greg Abbott on June 26, 2021. On June 30, 2021 I received several statements from TWC stating that I was overpaid and that my unemployment claim was false under the Cares Act. The statement said I had to pay back over $9,000 and the first payment of $400 was due on July 10, 2021. I contacted TWC office on July 1, 2021 around 7:12 A.M., a TWC representative took my call and I explained to her that I was eligible to receive unemployment insurance under Cares Act, and PEUC and I mentioned that I had proof of my eligibility and that I also upload the required job search activities every Sunday. The representative confirmed my information and she stated there was a glitch on the system and they were issuing overpaid statements to a lot of unemployed recipients, and they were trying to fix it. I immediately contacted the office of Honorable Congresswoman Ms. Lizzie Fletcher to report this issue and to respectfully request an investigation as it could negatively impact a lot of members within our district. The office immediately acknowledge my request and within 24 to 48 hours the TWC office contacted me twice to confirmed the issue was resolved and that I do not owe any debt. The office of Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher answered the call for help and my case was resolved.” July 7, 2021

Robert Killian

“I was having trouble with the IRS properly processing my return and getting my refund. After a year of back and forth with IRS agents who were friendly but not helpful, I decided to reach out to Congresswoman Fletcher for assistance. Her office reached out promptly and got me in touch with the Taxpayer Advocates. I received support from both Mrs. Fletcher's office and the Advocate's office and my issue was resolved in a prompt manner. I appreciate all the assistance I received and I am glad I reached out for help. This situation also showed me the importance of responsive elected officials and I am impressed with Congresswoman Fletcher and her office staff.” July 1, 2021

Maria Agacita

“I was having issues with receiving my unemployment payments. I was told I needed to reach out to Tele-Center but each time I called they were too busy to take my call. I tried requesting a call back online but I didn't receive any calls. I've been watching a youtuber who provide updates on unemployment.  She recommended to reach out to the office of my state legislator.  I decided to call my representative, Lizzie Fletcher to ask for assistance. Spencer G. answered my call.  He was so helpful and patient, he told me to expect TWC's call. TWC called me a couple days later and I was able to resolve my payment issues.  I was really appreciative of Spencer's follow-up email. He was professional and dependable. A few weeks later I received a correspondence from TWC to call them regarding my current payments. Again I was not able to contact anyone on Tele-Center because they were so busy. I tried requesting a call back but that didn't work either.  I emailed Spencer and asked for his assistance again. He again was so helpful. Two days later I was able to speak with TWC and resolve my issues. I really don't know what I would have done without Spencer's help.  I hope he is acknowledged for his work. His assistance left a lasting, positive impression of Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher's office.” June 18, 2021

Abdul Qatar Pashton

“Dear Congresswoman Mrs. Lizzie Fletcher, I much appreciate your hard work for your people and community. Thank you for reaching me on time and sending my information to the U.S. Embassy in Kabul. Finally my wife got her visa and she came to Houston, Texas in the United States of America, the land of freedom of opportunity. June 3, 2020

Michael Wyatt

“I had been having trouble collecting my unemployment benefits and for almost 2 months I contacted TWC about this issue. Every 2 weeks when I would call all they would tell me is to continue to wait. It wasn’t until I finally reached out to your office and Spencer G. was able to get someone to contact me within a couple of days and received my first payment a couple days later. I can’t thank Spencer and everyone else who helped behind the scenes for helping me resolve my issue.” May 26, 2021

Sandra Villegas

“I contacted Congresswoman Fletcher’s office on 5/12/21 requesting assistance in expediting my renewal applications for my DACA as my EAD was less than 30 days due to expire. One week later I received notice from the USCIS that my application was approved and my new EAD was on its way. Thank you Congresswoman Fletcher!” May 20, 2021

Alamelu Palaniappan

“I am a Pediatric emergency fellow finishing up fellowship and was starting my job in July in Houston after multiple years of training back home in India, the UK, and here. However, my Visa was not approved on time even after I applied for Expedition given that I was a frontline worker. My lawyer suggested I try emailing the Congressperson for my district and see if they could help things move faster as we had tried everything else. I was not very optimistic and never heard of such things happen ever and thought nobody was even going to read my email. But I was proved wrong. I heard from the Congresswoman's office requesting more information and within 24 hours of me sending that my Employment Authorization was approved. I still cannot believe that this was possible and how soon this happened.” May 18, 2021

Yunis Baluch

"Spencer G. is a very helpful person. Whenever I ask for his assistance he’s there. In our community sometimes some people don’t have resources to reach the right person for help, I ask Spencer when they need help for unemployment issues and Spencer is always helping them. We all appreciate Spencer’s efforts and help to our community.” May 15, 2021

Kimberly Paetzold

“Our postal box—part of a cluster—was broken into in December of 2020. The door was ripped off and we were not able to have mail delivered. We attempted to get the postal box repaired/replaced but were unsuccessful. Our postal person also requested that the unit be replaced several times, but she too was unsuccessful. This situation persisted through April until finally we contacted Lizzie Fletcher's office for assistance. They contacted the post office on our behalf and were able to negotiate the replacement of the postal cluster boxes. Her office’s help is greatly appreciated.” May 10, 2021

Minnie Tsai

“We requested assistance on behalf of a client and his stepdaughters whose cases had been in limbo with USCIS for over a year. Our client is a resident of the Texas 7th Congressional District and is one of Representative Fletcher’s constituents. Despite multiple follow-ups on what should have been very straight-forward applications for work and travel authorization documents, USCIS refused to take any action. Ms. Shirley M. with Representative Fletcher’s office was incredibly responsive to our request and was able to push through our request for action to USCIS within a week or two. While one case was processed, the second case continued to linger for another month and a half, and Representative Fletcher’s office was once again able to push through the request for action. The results that Shirley have achieve have been nothing short of miracles for our clients, and we cannot thank her enough!” May 6, 2021

Garry Gobert

“I reached out to Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher looking for help on expediting my employment authorization as I was on the verge of losing a job offer due to USCIS’s unprecedented backlog. It only took two days to get a positive answer. Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher gathered from me all the necessary information to best support my expedite request. What I can say is that Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher and her office did a great job on my case as confirmed by a USCIS officer. My employment authorization was approved two weeks later and I will be able to start my duties on time. I truly appreciate the consideration that was given to my case and the speed at which it was processed. Nothing would have been possible without this precious help. I cannot thank Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher and her office enough and I will always be grateful for the time they spent working on my request” May 3, 2021

Ajith Vijayakumar

“My sincere appreciation to Congresswoman Fletcher and her team for the timely help with expediting our Employment Authorization Document (EAD) applications with USCIS. Both myself and my wife had lost our jobs in December 2020 due to the USCIS delays with EAD processing. Congresswoman Fletcher and her team has been quite helpful with taking up our cases with USCIS for expedited processing and we got our EAD processed and approved. Thank you for helping us during this time of need. Thank you very much for your service. May God bless you.” April 21, 2021

Maria Valles Negron

“I was having issues with my tax refund, I didn’t have any information about it and it was almost a year since I filed my taxes. So I decided to write a letter to Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher because I heard that she really helps people. Definitely it was the best thing to do, Ms. Fletcher’s staff contacted me so fast and they started working my case. They did everything to help me. Today thank God and Ms. Fletcher and all her staff I finally had my case solved. Thank you so much!” April 23, 2021

Thelma J. Gonzalez Sanchez

“I am pleased to inform you, I have been rehired and am back at work after my work permit through DACA was received in the mail early this week.

“My employer was extremely generous and held my position as a Sr. Medical Assistant ... in part because of the response your office had regarding my case. I am immensely grateful to you and your staff for all you did or any part you played in mobilizing and expediting my case at the Nebraska USCIS office.

“Congresswoman Fletcher, DACA is a lifeline to people like me, illegitimate Americans with a limited voice in our country. Being at the mercy of our fellow citizens, many of whom do not even understand what it means to be a DACA recipient or what it takes, can be quite torturous at times. I would like to thank you for your support of the DREAMers and for favoring long term solutions to our dilemma. Immigration is a tough subject in your field however, I feel DACA recipients do not fall under the stereotypical illegal immigrant everyone pictures when they hear ‘illegal immigrant’ because many of them have been Americanized through the education system and different way of life. We are not only survivors, we have the ambition to do and be better than the generations that we proceed and thanks to representation such as yours and your team's we have a better opportunity of reaching our goals.

“Thank you for your service to our community and thank you again on behalf of my whole team here at the office.” April 14, 2021

Aurora Samaniego

“I decided to contact Congresswoman Fletcher's office after the lack of updates from USCIS in regard to my work permit. Fearing that I would become unemployed due to my work permit expiring before my renewal could be approved by USCIS, I reached out. Shirley M. inquired on my behalf and I received an update and approval soon after. I am incredibly grateful for the help as I could not afford to become unemployed while still recovering from the winter storm this year—which had caused a significant amount of damage to my home. Now I can focus on getting back on my feet with much more ease. Thank you again.” April 12, 2021

Diana K. Sanchez Villafranca

“I am a current DACA recipient. I reached out to Congresswoman Fletcher's office to seek assistance in communicating with USCIS regarding the status of my case. I renewed my status with USCIS in September of 2020, and as time passed I realized my permit's expiration date was quickly approaching. As a teacher in the Katy school district, there was nothing I found more discouraging than having to face the fact that I would need to leave my position.

“My worker's permit expired on January 10th and I became an unemployed person for the time to come. During this time I made every attempt possible to communicate with USCIS. In reaching out to Congresswoman Fletcher's office I was in touch with Mrs. Shirley M., who was the mediator and communicator between USCIS and I.

“Having been through this stressful period, I am thankful to Shirley for the efforts she made on my behalf. Being a Dreamer in this country sometimes requires remaining hopeful even when the circumstances appear otherwise. On March 11th 2021 I received word from Shirley that my case had been approved. On March 19th I received my worker's permit and was finally able to return to my classroom.

“I am thankful that our Congresswoman's office was available to provide this service.” April 12, 2021

Lisa Littlefield

“I cannot thank the staff at Congresswoman Fletcher’s Houston Office enough for their 5-Star Constituent Service!!  I initially contacted Congresswoman Fletcher’s Houston Office last year for help with my unemployment benefits during the COVID pandemic.  I had tried numerous times to reach TWC but was unsuccessful in getting through to anyone by phone.  Immediately after contacting Congresswoman Fletcher’s office, her Outreach Manager, Spencer G., contacted me!  I was so relieved.  Within 48 hours, he had all of my problems with TWC resolved!  I could not believe it!  A few months later, I had problems again with my unemployment benefits.  Again, I contacted Congresswoman Fletcher’s office for help.  And, again, I had immediate assistance from Congresswoman Fletcher’s Outreach Manager in resolving my problem!  I cannot say enough about the truly exemplary service afforded to me by Congresswoman Fletcher’s staff at her Houston Office!!” April 7, 2021

Angelica Fisk

"We are so grateful for Lizzie Fletcher and her team! My husband lost his job in June of 2020 due to the pandemic. My salary was basically cut in half and we just had a new baby. We had filed our 2020 taxes, but the IRS had already issued a stimulus to us that was less than a third for a family of four under the American Rescue Plan that was passed. We desperately needed the full stimulus we qualified for, so we contacted Lizzie Fletcher's office and her team was very responsive. They contacted us right away and went to work for us. We have been struggling this past year and the stimulus was finally going to provide us with some breathing room. My husband is a Veteran and he has been struggling with not being able to work and when we didn’t get the full stimulus, we broke down. We needed someone to go to bat for us and Lizzie did! Within two weeks we saw a new deposit for the remaining stimulus money we qualified for and I started to cry. Finally, someone was listening to us – someone heard our plea for help and we are forever grateful! The stimulus is designed to help families like ours today and not tomorrow – that is what Lizzie and her team did. From the bottom of our hearts – thank you and may God bless you all!" March 31, 2021

Kristin MacMane

"I submitted for a Passport Renewal in January and had paid expedited services. My travel plans out of the country were set for mid-March. As my travel day approached and within 2 weeks of the day I was scheduled to leave, I had no news of my passport and was unable to get an appointment at the Passport office anywhere in the United States It so happened that I ran into a friend and mentioned my dilemma. My friend explained a similar situation, recommended the services of our Congresswoman and praised the Congresswoman's office for helping to get her son's passport over the Christmas holidays. Within days of reaching out to Congresswoman Fletcher's office and working with Shirley M., I had my passport! I absolutely could not believe it and am beyond grateful! Thank you!" March 29, 2021

Eugene Zubarev

“First, I would like to thank the office of the Congresswoman Fletcher and her staff for providing an indispensable help that my family needed in order to resolve an issue with the Texas Workforce Commission.  One of my family members had a TWC unemployment claim which was put on hold and required a contact with TWC representative. Our attempts to reach any representative from TWC either by phone or email were completely unsuccessful for 3 long and very painful months. As the last resort, we decided to contact the office of Congresswoman Fletcher who represents our district. The staff responded immediately to our request for help, and within a week we received a call from TWC, which ultimately resolved the issue. It was the best decision to contact Lizzie Fletcher’s office and once again we are greatly appreciative for this much needed help!” March 25, 2021


“My latest email to Spencer G. was to ask for help because I was having yet another problem with the TWC. The TWC had withheld my DUA check without explaining to me why they did it.  On March 10, 2021, after I requested payment, the TWC posted a message on my account telling me to call the TWC or else the TWC will not pay me benefits. I tried to call them but got no answer, even when calling at 7a.m.  And I had sent multiple requests for the TWC to contact me and waited on the phone trying to reach help (from the TWC) for more than 3 hours in one day. HOWEVER, after emailing Spencer, he was able to help me to get this issue resolved. The TWC called me back on Monday March 15, 2021 and released my DUA payment.” March 18, 2021

Rajukumar Kamma

“I got my I539 & I765 applications approved after what was supposed to be a grueling waiting period of 8 months due to backlogs and procedural delays at USCIS. I would like to profusely thank Congresswoman Ms. Lizzie Fletcher and Deputy District Director Ms. Shirley M., who rendered an unflinching support by holding our back tight and ensured in bringing our case to closure. Their guidance and timely support really helped us to sail through arduous times with a hope, which we eventually realized through our approvals.

When I first contacted Rep. Lizzie Fletcher’s office for case assistance, response was instant; Shirley M. immediately understood my concern, reached out to USCIS authorities and provided an update in the next few hours. From then on, our trust and bond strengthened as we were provided regular updates on a time to time basis, not allowing me to be wallowed by the delay as our case was well beyond reasonable processing times.

We are indebted as a family to Rep. Lizzie Fletcher and Ms. Shirley for stepping up, helping us on time and get us the much deserved immigration benefit sought, on time keeping our spirits up. We are always grateful to them and wish them strength and will to continue their services to the needy, making the society and everyone around proud and prosperous.” March 18, 2021

Berta Gutierrez-Rodriguez

“I contacted Congresswoman Fletcher's office after almost three months of attempting to contact a TWC representative. Currently TWC is inundated due to the unprecedented unemployment due to the coronavirus. I spent hours (2-3 hours on hold attempting to be transferred) daily without success and in desperate need. I contacted Congresswoman Fletcher's office and explained my dilemma. They were able to put me in contact with an actual TWC representative who resolved the problem and reinstated my payments within two days.  I honestly don't know what we would have done without her office's assistance. Her staff was kind and helpful. They also followed up to make sure it had been resolved. I cannot thank them enough.” March 11, 2021

John Nalls

“I would like to take a moment to give a big thanks to Lizzie Fletcher's office and staff, especially Mr. Spencer G., for assisting with clear communications with the unemployment office. There was a misunderstanding in regards to my unemployment benefits, after reaching out to Mr. Spencer, during a three to four month process were able to get connected to their office and get the matter resolved. Thank you again!” February 24, 2021

Bernard Okeke

“TWC had logged me out of Benefits Payment since the New Year. I was made to understand that after my appeal letter was submitted to TWC, I could be on the wait for about 1-3 months before it is resolved. I had no option but to reach out to the office of our amiable, super Congresswoman, Lizzie Fletcher! Trust me, I didn't expect the kind of rapt attention I got from Fletcher's office. My request was treated expeditiously to my utmost surprise. TWC was able to reach out to me and my TWC account was reactivated back and I was also paid retroactively. Lizzie Fletcher is one kind of a personality Texans and indeed, Americans, really need to keep in Congress for a very LONG TIME!” February 20, 2021

Osman M. Hassan

“I am an independent consultant in the oil and gas sector and my business suffered too much because of the pandemic and the nature of the business. I tried to contact Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) numerous times for help with no success due to the massive demands due to the pandemic. While watching the 5 o’clock news on Channel 02 the name of Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher came up and I did not hesitate to contact her office the following day. It was the best call I ever made during a depressing time. Her staff were very professional and considerate and in less than two days I received a call from the TWC office and I got the much-needed assistance. I did not hesitate to re-elect the Congresswoman and will never forget her much need help while I was helpless. May the Lord bless her, the staff and the USA.” February 11, 2021

Zixing Wang

“I contacted Congresswoman Fletcher’s office to expedite my work authorization application that was turned in with my green card application. Among all the elected officials I contacted, Fletcher’s office gave the most prompt response. Shirley was so efficient that she accomplished reaching back to me, collecting documents, and sending the case inquiry to USCIS all in one day! Thanks to her help, my case was approved the following day. Without the work authorization, I run a very high risk of losing my job and I was very stressed out about it. The job means a lot to me because I was out of the job for a long time due to the delay in my case processing with USCIS, and my household needs my help to pay the bills. I am grateful for what Congresswoman Fletcher’s office has done, and I wish we have more officials like her, being so engaged in helping.” February 9, 2021


Fadi Shehadeh

“I opened a bar and grill, months prior to Covid-19 hitting.  During the month of March 2020, I had to close my bar due to the Governor's mandate. I remained closed from March 2020-August 2020.  I applied for unemployment benefits, as a self-employed business owner, and received an unemployment payment for the months of March-July 2020.  I was told by a representative at TWC to call back in July to request an extension.  Since July 2020-January 2021, I repeatedly tried to contact TWC. I made it a mission to call several times throughout the week. If I got through, it would only be to the first representative.  I was frustrated, and at a total loss. I decided, at the advice of a friend, to contact Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher. I didn't think much would happen, but I gave it a try. I was immediately contacted by a staff member, and I promptly received a call from TWC. I couldn't believe that TWC was actually calling me. Within a week of my first contact with the Congresswoman's office, my issue was resolved. So often we hear the negative stories about our lawmakers, and never hear about the good things that they do. My faith was restored. I felt listened to, and cared about. I never thought that the person whom I actually voted for, would have helped me and my family in such a direct and impactful way.  Thank you for everything!” February 8, 2021

Erin G.

“When the COVID-19 pandemic hit last year, I was furloughed from my job in the restaurant industry. As a student and part-time worker, I was very worried about how I would stay afloat during this time. After having difficulty reaching TWC due to the amount of people filing for unemployment, I reached out to Congresswoman Fletchers office in hope to get assistance with my issue. Spencer G. from the Congresswoman’s office helped direct me to the right people within TWC to be able to get my unemployment payments! This helped me tremendously while being furloughed during quarantine. I’m grateful to have a Congresswoman that is fighting to make sure we get the benefits we deserve!” February 8, 2021

Ida Sameri & Farbod Beik

“As a little backstory, Farbod (my fiance) and I have been stuck in the middle of a travel ban that caused us 4 years of our lives. I have reached out to every senator and congressman in Texas and can honestly say that Lizzie Fletcher’s office went above and beyond for us and our situation. They were the ONLY ones that actually replied, listened, and helped us when we needed it. Lizzie Fletcher and Shirley M. followed up on my fiance’s case with the US Embassy constantly (without me having to follow up with them) and then let us know what was said and always asked if we needed anything. After 4 years of stress and dead ends, Farbod is finally here in Houston and Lizzie’s office truly helped change our lives, I can’t explain how happy we are. If we could give them the world as a thank you we truly would.” February 4, 2021

Joseph Green

“I was contacted by Shirley M. after my case was referred to her by a friend.  Originally from the UK, I came to the US on a soccer scholarship in 2009.  After earning my Bachelors, I was sponsored on a H1B Visa by Power Home Remodeling and have now worked for them for nearly eight years.  Through those eight years, I rose through the ranks and was promoted to VP of Customer Development for our Houston office on 12/11/2020.  I married my wife Casey in 2018 (we met in college) and with about 6 months of my H1B visa time remaining, we applied for a green card. At the time of applying, EAD processing times were 4 - 4.5 months.  However, due to COVID and administration that processing time grew and grew to where on 12/16/20 my H1B had expired and the EAD was seemingly not moving along at any kind of speed.  My wife is also pregnant with our first child and we are on my company's benefits.  All of this being said, it left us in a sticky situation, both personally and on the professional level with work. As VP of Customer Development for Houston, I oversee a department of nearly 70 people that does about $50m annually and we were worried that Power may have to fill my role if the EAD wasn't sorted quickly. Shirley stepped in and WAS INCREDIBLE!  Helped us expedite the process for biometrics and my EAD, and as of this morning my EAD is being produced and mailed to me.  She was not only diligent in helping our case but also very personable and for that my family, company and I are extremely appreciative!  THANK YOU!”    January 29, 2021

Meryl M Holley

“I contacted Congresswoman Fletcher's office but I was unable to get any information from TWC as to why my unemployment benefits had stopped. I called them countless times and all I could find out was that my case was "under review". I was getting desperate with no income for three month and my savings quickly diminishing. I decided to contact Congresswoman Fletcher's office after I read somewhere that they could be of assistance. I emailed the Congresswoman and received a reply within two days saying that someone from TWC would be calling the following week. I am happy to report that I did receive the phone call and was able to resolve the problem. My unemployment was reinstated immediately. I just wish I had contacted the Congresswoman sooner! I am so grateful to the Congresswoman and her staff for all of their help. I had never contacted any government official before and was not sure what would happen. I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate their efforts!” January 29, 2021


Lauren J.

“I recently contacted Representative Fletcher's office for help resolving an error with TWC, whose call centers have been overloaded due to COVID. Her staff replied within days (thank you Spencer G.!) and put me in touch with someone at TWC who was able to fix my issue immediately. This was my first time reaching out to a representative's office and I really appreciate their responsiveness and help connecting me with the right person.” January 7th, 2021

Haylee Kellogg

“I had an issue with obtaining my unemployment benefits after being furloughed from my job due to Covid-19. After several attempts to speak to someone at TWC that could help me with my issue, I contacted the Office of Representative Lizzie Fletcher for help. Spencer G. and the team at the Office of Representative Lizzie Fletcher were extremely helpful in getting my unemployment claim issue followed up by TWC promptly and resolved quickly. I can’t thank them enough for their help and support during a stressful time. It means a lot to me that they cared and took the time to help me and follow up with me. Thank you again.” December 27, 2020

Pooja Sabgani

“I had to reach out to get help with Federal Agency (USCIS). Little background here, I applied for my H4/H4 EAD with USCIS on 4th May 2020 and I never heard back from them. My employer was forced to put me on unpaid leave of absence, knowing my work permit was not approved yet. Since it had been more than 180 days from my receipt date, I had little choice but to contact Congresswoman Fletcher. Shirley M. was just amazing; not only does she communicate well, she responds almost immediately! Honestly I was not expecting that, and to my surprise she was able to get my biometrics appointment scheduled in just ONE day. Again, I just cannot thank the Congresswoman and her team enough for all their help. Appreciate everything you’ve done for me.” December 12, 2020

Jennifer De La Rosa

“My child's passport renewal was taking longer than expected (likely due to Covid) and upcoming family travel was on the line. Congresswoman Fletcher sends helpful, straightforward email updates to her constituents, and one of them had outlined various ways that she and her staff were available to help us. I recalled reading that among those services, she mentioned help with passport issues. After calling the passport office of the State Department myself and getting a noncommittal "we'll see" and a suggestion that I "hope for the best," I contacted Congresswoman Fletcher's office. Despite the fact that her staff was working remotely due to Covid, they returned my call promptly, got the information they needed, and the very next day, my son's passport renewal was completed and it was on its way to me. I never had any doubt that Congresswoman Fletcher and her staff were working hard for Houstonians, but I was extremely impressed with their responsiveness, courtesy and ability to get things done for a single constituent with a problem.  If only the rest of our government was half as good. Thank you, Congresswoman Fletcher and Shirley M., for your service to Houston and for your help to my family!” December 10, 2020


Sonia Parker

“I was a victim of ID fraud with the Texas Workforce Commission. Someone fraudulently filed for unemployment in my name in May 2020. I replied to the notice that it was fraud; months later I received a debit card and then a benefit check. I tried calling and emailing TWC Fraud as I did not want the funds and knew so many others could benefit from the money. Then I received a collection notice of overpayment that I needed to make a monthly payment for funds I never used. Again, I replied and sent an email to my TWC rep but only received an auto reply. After months of frustration, I contacted Ms. Fletcher’s office, and by the end of the day. Spencer G. called to tell me someone from the TWC would be contacting me. Two days later my issue was resolved. The TWC noted fraud in my file and said I should stop receiving collection notices. I am very appreciative and impressed with Spencer’s/Ms. Fletcher’s help to get this issue resolved so quickly in a matter of days when I tried for six months to get it settled. Ms. Fletcher truly cares for her constituents and is there to help. It renews your faith in our government representatives. Thank you, thank you!!” December 9, 2020

Pedro Villalobos

“Thank you so much for your help on getting my parents a naturalization interview with USCIS. They have both been sworn in as U.S. Citizens! This means so much to me as their son, and to them. My parents submitted their naturalization application in 1996, so this is 24 years in the making. I was 5 years old in 1996, and since that time, I turned 21 and aged out of their naturalization application. As such, I was unable to adjust my status five years ago when my parents became legal permanent residents. However, I am currently a DACA recipient and the first DACA recipient to be licensed by the State Bar of Texas. I graduated from UT Law in May 2016 and was licensed in November 2016. My family is a mixed status family, but we are lucky to have been given so many opportunities to get ahead in life and continue to get one step closer to the American Dream. Thank you again for your help.” December 7, 2020

Amy Mangham

“Congresswoman Fletcher and her staff have been incredibly helpful to our family. We needed important documents to be processed quickly for an upcoming move overseas, and due to COVID, there were delays. Congresswoman Fletcher’s staff promptly got us the help our family needed! They were able to help expedite our passport renewals for the whole family as well as documentation verifying our birth certificates. This has greatly sped up our ability to move as quickly as possible to begin working in another country. Thank you, Congresswoman Fletcher and your wonderful staff, for caring for our family and our needs!” December 3, 2020


Steven Wyatt

"My passport was stolen from a car break-in several months ago. I immediately put in for a new passport through the normal channels and was told it would take three months due to COVID. I had an important business trip to London on December 5. I had heard from a friend that you could write to Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher, and her office staff would assist in getting your passport expedited and in your hands in less than a week! So, I contacted her office immediately. Her staff were very professional and followed up with calls and emails until I received my passport five days later! I am very impressed and will recommend the Congresswoman to anyone who needs her help and am glad she is in office representing us all.” December 3, 2020

Dema Sukkar

“I contacted Congresswoman Fletcher’s office because I needed my daughter’s and brother’s passport applications to be expedited in the time make it to my sister’s wedding. Shirley M. was prompt to get back to us and gladly assisted us. Within three days of contacting Shirley, we received our passports. Thank you!” November 19, 2020

Akpan A.

“Permit me to declare, here and now, that you, my beloved congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher, is one breath of fresh air! Truth be told, we feel very blessed and grateful to be represented in Congress by a people-centric-individual like you, especially during these unusually difficult times in our country. I responded to one of your weekly emails to your constituents. The email had encouraged constituents with problems or those needing assistance to cushion the painful effects of Covid-19 to reach out to your office for possible assistance. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a call from one Spencer G. He introduced himself as the community outreach staff from your office and that he had been assigned to work with me and to assist me in resolving any problem(s) that prevented me from being able to sleep with both eyes closed. WOW, I exclaimed! Was this actually happening? Could a powerful Congresswoman be bothered by what I was going through even when she didn’t know who I was? He was, and still is actually a real, compassionate and decent human being.  So, this was absolutely happening to me, which confirms the reality indeed that wonders, as they say, will never end! Spencer checked in with me regularly for updates, to make sure that the assurances given to him by the TWC folks were not just empty promises. In summary therefore, I am very pleased to report that Spencer got the job done, and I received all the help that I deserved from the TWC. This assistance, made possible by your involvement and that of Spencer was a life-saving experience that has renewed my faith in our collective ability to look out for each other.” November 18, 2020

Shelby Bybee

“I contacted Congresswoman Fletcher's office to assist in the expedition of my daughter's passport. Her passport had expired in June 2020 and was difficult to renew under the existing COVID restrictions at the time. My daughter had been offered the opportunity to take an international trip on 24 Nov 20, and the Congresswoman's office was able to assist us in expediting her passport application approximate 2 and a half weeks prior to her trip. The woman who helped us, Shirley M., was exceptionally informative as she confidently guided us through the process, and we were able to get the passport even faster than expected. Our experience with Lizzie Fletcher's office was pleasant, reassuring and we greatly appreciated the support.” November 17, 2020

Anthony Pusch

“My son’s passport expired. Carelessly we had booked a trip without confirming whether his passport was still valid. Due to the COVID restrictions we were unable to get expedited service for his renewal. Not knowing where to turn we reached out to Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher’s office for assistance. Shirley M. was a huge help and was able to get our son’s passport in time. Huge thank you to the Congresswoman and her dedicated staff for their assistance on this issue.” November 16, 2020

Daniel Brumbach

“My wife is not a US Citizen and was living in Europe. We had gone through most of the long process (a year and a half) to allow her to move to the US as a permanent resident, and we could begin our life together. After she went to her interview at the local consulate so she could get her CR1 Visa, our case was put into "administrative processing". We had trouble getting in touch with the consulate, and since they held onto her passport for processing, were worried about how much more time it would take. I contacted Congresswoman Fletcher's office through her website, and her Deputy District Director, Shirley M., contacted me a few days later. She contacted the Visa section at the consulate, and immediately relayed what information we needed to send them. A couple of weeks after that, my wife had her passport and visa. So after two months of waiting for the consulate, our case was completed in a couple of weeks once the Congresswoman's office got in touch. We are very thankful for the help! We had a lot of uncertainty waiting for the consulate to make a decision, and Shirley was able to connect the dots and help us start our lives together.” November 16, 2020

Carlos Torres

“We had submitted the petition for change of status for my mother, forms I-130 and I-485, and we have not heard back from USCIS for almost 5 months since we received the acceptance of the documents. I decided to ask Congresswoman Fletcher for her support, to look into the process and help us get the process back on track to the next stage, fingerprints. I emailed Congresswoman Fletcher on 11/05/20 early morning, by 11.30 the same morning I received an acknowledgement email, asking us to complete and return the Congressional Inquiry Form; we did so. On 11/06 we received response from the Congresswoman’s desk, where they sent us the USCIS letter for the fingerprints appointment. I have to say, I was very impressed by her outstanding and swift response. I could not have asked for faster support. Thanks for being so diligent and caring about us. November 9, 2020

Dr. Walid Fakhouri

“We contacted Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher's office to ask for help regarding my wife's work permit application. We filed a family-based green card petition together with a request for a work and travel permit. After waiting for 5 months, we still had not heard back from the USCIS, and my wife was running the risk of not accepting a job offer after graduating from her PhD program in neuroscience. After contacting Lizzie Fletcher's office, we received a direct response from the USCIS and were scheduled for a biometrics interview 3 weeks from the letter request's date. We thank Congresswoman Lizzie and her office because my wife may have a good chance of accepting the job offer and continue working without interruption.  Thanks once again.” October 30, 2020

Claudia Amorim

“I am writing to let you know that I have no words to demonstrate my immense gratitude to Claudia M. and Shirley M. for helping to reunite my family in Houston. My husband’s immigration process was delayed, which resulted in him being apart from our two kids and me for 10 months. I am genuinely impressed with the efficiency and commitment of Claudia M. and Shirley M.’s work in helping your constituents with immigration matters. Both of them acted immediately on my case (within 24 hours) after I contacted them. I would like you to know what a major impact Claudia and Shirley’s work had in my life by contacting the needed institutions. I am certain that their intervention was crucial for the success of reuniting my family. My case is a real example that the immigration work of your congressional district has an incredibly significant positive impact on people’s lives.” October 29, 2020

Risha Patel

“I was not able to receive a response for my case filed with USCIS more than 5 months ago. With the help of Congresswoman, I was not only able to get the response quicker, but I also received documentation. I so appreciate you and your help.” October 24, 2020

Robert and Virginia Castillo

“Lizzie Fletcher is a people’s US Representative. In our testimonial, my wife was denied her stimulus payment from this April. After hours spent on-line in search of her payment, phone communication with 21 Texas IRS representatives for over 21 hours, two formal unanswered letters, both sent to the IRS in Austin, TX & our local state representative & a local IRS appointment date, which was canceled minutes before it scheduled time with no conclusion. We turned to Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher for help. Lizzie Fletcher took full control thereafter. With her constant persistence, she acquired my wife's individual stimulus payment this October. This testimonial is an example that Congresswomen Lizzie Fletcher is a people’s Representative.” October 21, 2020

Omar Arturo Blanco Perez

“I have been waiting for Employment Authorization Document (EDA) for five and a half months and there was no indication that the document was going to be issued anytime soon as I had not even received the biometric appointment. Not having my EAD for almost 6 months resulted in a significant financial stress for my family and hindered my ability to contribute to the economy. I respectfully requested the assistance of the Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher and her team of Friday, the 23rd of October 2020. On Monday the 26th, I got a response from Congresswoman Fletcher acknowledging my request and offering the intervention of her office to facilitate the process, and additionally, she encouraged the government agency involved to give my case consideration. Two days later, I got an email from Congressman Fletcher’s office with my biometric appointment. I am greatly impressed with how responsible and diligent Congresswoman Fletcher and her team were on assisting me with this subject and would like to give my greatest thanks to them for taking the time to address my case along with the support they provided.” October 20, 2020

Poorva Telang

“I contacted Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher’s Houston office and was immediately put in contact with Shirley M. Shirley talked to me with regards to my pending Immigration matter and I had to fill out their standard Congressional Inquiry Review form. After handing over that form, Shirley and Lizzie’s team immediately reached out to USCIS on my behalf.

After Ms. Fletcher’s office intervened, I received a positive response on my long pending matter from USCIS. I am very Thankful to Lizzie and her Team of professionals on delivering the promises they had made to our community. I am going to spread the positive word among our family and friends locally in Houston. Thanks again!” October 20, 2020

Zunara Saeed

“Congresswoman Fletcher’s staff member Shirley M. was very professional and helpful on working on my husband's immigration case. It had been pending with the National Visa Center and Embassy for several of months now. I contacted Congresswoman Fletcher’s office to get my case expediated due to my pregnancy and with the efforts it has been approved! I'm so grateful for the staff and prompt responses. Thank you very much for everything. God Bless!” October 15, 2020

John Allison

“I contacted Congresswoman Fletcher's office regarding an issue that we were having with one of our pastors at our church. He has been in the process of obtaining his green card for over 5 years. The process became critical when he was no longer able to work because of the delay in the paperwork. His documents were over four months beyond the normal process period. We continued to file inquiries only to receive a standard automated response that it was still in process. During this entire time, we had employed a law firm to make sure that we were doing all things correctly. However, even the firm stated that they had no further recourse. We reached out to Congresswoman Fletcher's office and explained the situation and asked if she could assist. Her office immediately went to work and within 10 days we were notified that Pastor Jimenez would receive his documentation allowing him to work. Further, her office reached out again to see if the final documentation (Green Card) was received in a timely manner. Without the assistance of Congresswoman Fletcher's office, I feel we could have remained in a state of not knowing when he would be able to go back to work to support his family. She and her team were able to cut through the red tape and delays that have been added to this process to help someone get back to doing their job and supporting their family.” October 10, 2020 

Helen Swiff-Goodman

“I would like to commend the office of Lizzie Fletcher, specifically Spencer G. During the stressful time of COVID-19, with my husband and I both out of work due to the pandemic, I was dealing with a lot of red tape to access to communicate with anyone at Texas Workforce Commission about unemployment benefits. I read an article about someone contacting their Representative with a situation like mine and having a positive outcome. I had never contacted a government official before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I did not expect a response within 5 minutes and action taken 10 minutes after that. I received a call from TWC within days and had my issue resolved within 2 weeks. The follow-up and attention to detail by Rep. Fletcher’s office was phenomenal and gave me such a positive perspective on how our government is doing what is needed for its citizens. I am very grateful.” October 10, 2020

Jaime Jimenez Montalvo

“We contacted Congresswoman Fletcher’s office to ask for help since my employment authorization was delayed several months past the anticipated review period, preventing me from working. It was not long after we contacted her office that we received word that it was moving. Soon thereafter, I received my employment authorization card. I would like to express my appreciation for the assistance provided for my immigration process. I am very grateful for the immediate response I received and her willingness to help. It meant so much to my family and I to know we had someone on our side representing us and being a voice on our behalf.” October 8, 2020

Tarsha Pete

“I contacted Congresswoman Fletcher’s office for help. I was in dire need of assistance and afraid of possibly becoming homeless without receiving my unemployment benefits. I am trying my best to find a new job and finish online courses after losing my job of many years in the hotel industry due to COVID-19. I had an issue with my unemployment benefits rolling over from regular to the PEUC extension. They sent me a denial letter because they were saying I was fired from a three-month temp job at Amazon, which was untrue. Amazon hired me very quickly without even an interview or speed test. They gave me time to get my internet speeds up to standard. I didn’t know AT&T didn’t offer the speeds I needed. I thought I could upgrade until a technician came and informed me that that I am too far away for high speed, and Amazon doesn’t allow WiFi connections with only wired modems. Amazon told me to send equipment back and that I couldn’t proceed with training. So I was denied for that reason on October 2nd. I called and spoke with several TWC reps and supervisors explaining why I couldn’t proceed with the job and I was not fired due to misconduct, so how could they deny me. I never started the job, and I had already reported all this info to them back in April. After not getting anywhere with TWC, I decided to contact my Representative Ms. Lizzie Fletcher. They reached out to me on the same day. My case updated last night, and the denial was removed. I just received a message from one of the TWC supervisors I emailed multiple times and pleaded with. She just left me a message saying that she looked over my case and released my payments. I just want to thank Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher and her staff for taking the time out to help me. I was distraught and at my wits’ end at the thought of losing my home after losing my job, healthcare benefits, and so much more in the last six months. I didn’t know how much more I could handle. Thank you all so much, and I’m proud to be represented by you! God Bless you, and with your help I live to fight another day!” October 7, 2020

Miguel Loya

“I lost my passport and applied for a replacement. Unfortunately, I had to travel outside the U.S. three weeks later and the passport office was not offering expedited service due to COVID. I contacted my Congresswoman's (Lizzie Fletcher) office for assistance. Shirley M. from her office contacted me shortly after. She was polite, eager to help, and quick to respond. She helped me get a replacement in three days, saving my business trip.” October 7, 2020

Julian Sheppard

“I contacted Congresswoman Fletcher’s office because I needed my passport in order to travel with my family for a specific trip after the passing of my grandmother. She and her staff made it happen within a few days. I am so thankful for her consistency and ability to keep me in the loop for the whole process. Thanks again, God Bless.” October 6, 2020

Ning Yue

“I contacted Congresswoman Fletcher’s office because I was waiting for my baby’s passport for more than three months and I need to go to Mexico to meet my husband. When I made my request on the Congresswoman’s website, her staff contacted me the next day and helped me very quickly. I got the news that the passport had been issued from the Passport Center on the third day! Then I asked them to help me with an authentication service that I waited for more than two months, they also helped me quickly! They are very efficient and I am very grateful to them, thank you and thank you very much!” October 4, 2020

Taha Dahabra

“I contacted Congresswoman Fletcher to help me out by following up with the USCIS to reschedule my Biometric appointment that was canceled due to COVID-19. I was treated with great respect and professionalism by Congresswoman Fletcher's office, and I appreciate the swift responses that I have gotten. Congresswoman Fletcher's office was able to help me reschedule my Biometric appointment in one day only, which is very impressive and highly appreciated.” September 29, 2020

Julie Cone

"Lizzie Fletcher's office helped me out more than once.  I was unemployed due to COVID. A few times when I was applying for unemployment the online system had issues. There was no way to contact unemployment. Lizzie had sent out an email saying if you are having any trouble, please contact her office. I did. One of her staff members, Spencer G., helped right away and unemployment was calling me. Problem solved. Spencer stayed in touch making sure I was taken care of. Then I had an issue with IRS. I could not get through. They were holding on to my deceased father's refund. I took a chance and emailed Spencer to see if they could get me through to IRS. This time a staff member named Claudia M. came to rescue. She spoke to a tax advocate for me and took care of the issue. The money was quickly deposited." September 29, 2020 

Lori Herzog

“I originally contacted Rep. Fletcher’s office after a virtual town hall meeting. The office was very quick to respond to my request for assistance and was able to facilitate a speedy response from a TWC agent. The TWC agent assisted me in completing and funding my TWC application. The Representative’s office also connected me with a company that assisted me with my PPP loan. This office has been very speedy and extremely helpful throughout this entire process.” September 29, 2020

Michele Wiltz

“Heartfelt thanks and gratitude for your help in getting my daughter’s passport expedited. The passport is needed for an upcoming trip. The response was fast, professional, and courteous. Thanks again Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher and staff for a happy ending!” September 29, 2020

Matthew Contos

“After waiting 6 months to receive my passport from the Department of State, the Congresswoman’s staff were able to expedite the process and help me receive my passport within 72 hours. The passport was needed to rejoin my wife abroad, where she is living so she can earn her degree in the medical field. We will return to Houston to raise our children upon her earning her degree. During the wait, I lost my home, was separated from my family, and nearly lost my job due to not being able to travel. The Congresswoman’s staff truly saved our family. We are so grateful. My extended family and I will always support Congresswoman Fletcher.” September 24, 2020

Penny Laprebendere

“Due to COVID, I was forced to close my salon. I contacted the Texas Workforce Commission to receive disaster relief money but was unable to get any support from the state. It wasn’t until I contacted Lizzie Fletcher’s office that I finally got some help. Had it not been for Lizzie Fletcher, I may not have received any reimbursement from the state. I’m grateful for all their help.” September 24, 2020

Danielle Cooper

“My friend has 3 children and had not been able to get ahold of TWC for her pandemic pay. Since March, she kept receiving an error message when attempting to log in and an automatic message that due to the pandemic she’d need to call later. I was also having an issue getting ahold of TWC in regard to my benefits being paid oddly due to a claim that my earnings had changed when they had not. I sent one online submission to your office, and within just a few hours was reached out to by Spencer G., who put in a request to the TWC to contact both my friend and I. Maybe a day later my friend and I were both contacted and our TWC problems were resolved! My friend received much needed funds to care for herself and her children, and I got peace knowing they were going to be ok and my issue was also explained. Thank you!” September 24, 2020

Ellinor Thor

“I contacted, with help from Houston Dynamo, Congresswoman Fletcher’s office to ask for assistance regarding my Green Card process. My initial Green Card had never arrived and Congresswoman Fletcher was able to help me speed up the process for my replacement card. Now that I have received my Green Card, I am able to travel and see my family in these difficult times, and for that I am extremely thankful. Finally, I would like to say thank you to Congresswoman Fletcher and her office for the fast response and action.” September 19, 2020

Suprabha Sharma

“I was a diversity visa winner for 2020. Me and my spouse had an interview for I-485 and the case was held for review thereafter. Our case was time sensitive since it needed to be completed by the end of the fiscal year. We waited for a month and tried contacting USCIS regarding case status but were unable to obtain case information. So, we contacted Congresswoman Fletcher’s office. Congresswoman Fletcher’s office acted promptly, and we received a case update within a week. After two weeks, our case was approved. We would like to thank Congresswoman Fletcher’s office for helping us.” September 16, 2020

Kiran Raja

“We contacted Congresswoman Fletcher’s office with regards to expedition of my baby boy’s passport, which we needed to proceed with arrangements for visa/OCI card formalities for international travel. Since a passport was mandatory to apply for an OCI visa card, we had been waiting for its delivery for one to two months due to current pandemic delays and were clueless. Shirley M. from the office was extremely quick and kind to acknowledge our request and not only helped to get us an expedited passport delivery, but also helped us in expedition of the same, and we were able to receive it within a week which allowed us to apply and file for our further documentation formalities for OCI card in a timely manner. Many thanks to Shirley and Congresswoman Fletcher’s office for all the help in this regard.” September 10, 2020

Hassan Khalafalla

“I contacted your office with my issue regarding my unemployment benefits. I was surprised by how quick the response was. Spencer G. used to email me on a weekly basis to check the status of my issue for almost a month and a half until it got resolved. The service was outstanding and I wouldn’t have gotten it anywhere else. I am so happy and honored that there are people in the district that work hard and are dedicated to helping us. Finally, the greatness, passion, and love behind the service I received wasn’t easy for me to describe but the only thing that can be said, the service comes from a true American heart that loves his country and the American people.” September 8, 2020

Malik Smith

“I was having issues getting the status of my passport needed to be part of a wedding. In less than 24 hours was provided a tracking number and passport was received the following week. Best thing I did was reach out for help. Very satisfied with the results.” September 8, 2020

Tulsi Ram Damase

“I contacted Congresswoman Fletcher for my pending I-140 case outside normal processing time. Her office responded very fast and took necessary actions to support me and my case finally got approved. I appreciate Fletcher and her team for their support.” September 6, 2020

Mark Thiessen

“I honestly do not even know how to start this letter, and it is rare that I am speechless. Thank you! Sincerely, thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Never in my life did I think that a Congresswoman or her office would be so responsive and care so much for a stranger. You made me feel like part of your family. You have my complete trust, respect, and admiration. Please know that I am here for you like you were there for me.

In March 2020, the US Passport offices closed due to COVID. In April 2020, my passport expired. Two weeks before an important international flight, I began to really worry about my renewal and making my flight. I contacted Congresswoman Fletcher’s office by email and left a voice mail. Within 15 minutes I received a call back from Shirley M.. To say Shirley is an angel, would not do her justice. Shirley gave me her cell phone and worked day and night to help me. Shirley treated me like family. She told me that she would not rest until she got my passport for me. Only six days after first being contacted by your office, I got news that my passport renewal was expedited and being delivered to me just one day before my international flight.

As an attorney, I have dealt with judges, court staff, and various city and state politicians. Never have I seen an office and its staff accommodate the people they represent like yours did. Most politicians that I know forget that they work for the people that elected them. And I always assumed that the higher the politician, the less they cared about the little people. You and your office have proved me 100% wrong. Your staff, specifically Shirley, went above and beyond anything I could have ever expected. I know that I am being redundant here, but I cannot stress how important this trip is to me. I still cannot believe that a Congresswoman would take such great care of a constituent on an issue that meant nothing to her but meant the world to me, my family, and my business. My family and I owe you so much. Also, I cannot stress enough the professionalism, dedication, and compassion of Shirley.

Again, thank you so much, I am utterly astonished that you took the time out of your important day to help a constituent/stranger with an emergency. You really do work for the people.” September 3, 2020

Adriana Gonzalez

“I contacted Congresswoman Fletcher’s office for assistance with a federal issue (passports). My wedding was scheduled to happen within the month and several of my guests had not received their passports due to closures. All of my guests received their passports within the week of me contacting Congresswoman Fletcher’s office saving us, and our guests, thousands in cancellation/rescheduling fees. My fiancé and I could not be more grateful for the help provided by Lizzie Fletcher and her team.” August 28, 2020

Maria Martinez

“I contacted Congresswoman Fletcher’s office regarding my EAD, I am a teacher waiting for the work permit approval with the new school year about to start. They were able to provide me with information and I received the approval immediately.” August 27, 2020

Alicia Palao

“I reached out to Shirley M. who was amazing in assisting me with my passport.” August 26, 2020

Allison Brannan

“I contacted Congresswoman Fletcher’s office to request help on two items being processed by the US State Department:

1) My daughter’s passport. We submitted the application at the end of June and were still waiting for it eight weeks later. Only week after first contact with your office, my daughter’s passport was delivered!

2) My husband’s documents being processed by the US State Department Office of Authentication. My husband accepted a position with Chevron in Kuwait in April 2020. He submitted documents to be processed and they had been with the Office of Authentication for 8-10 weeks. Once again, within a week of contacting your office, someone from the Office of Authentication reached out to my husband for additional information. We found out today that the documents have been processed and well be sent back to our visa processing vendor immediately. This was the last step before the paperwork could be sent to the Kuwait embassy for a work permit to be issued. We are SO grateful for the work your staff has done on our behalf. It’s so good to see how the government can work for individual constituents!” August 26, 2020

Joni Calkins

“On Tuesday afternoon August 11, 2020, I contacted Lizzie Fletcher’s office to assist with my passport renewal application that was lingering at the passport office with no hope or assurance; I was scheduled to travel Aug. 25. Within 20 minutes of leaving the message, I received a returned phone call and the forms I needed to complete. Shirley Martinez was so helpful! By the next morning she informed me my passport application had been located and was in process!!! By Wednesday evening she emailed me that my passport was complete and on its way for Friday delivery. The passport did indeed arrive Friday and I was thrilled! This is my most positive government experience in my 60+ years!!! THANK YOU!!!” August 24, 2020

Heather Bartocci

“I contacted Congresswoman Fletcher’s office regarding the delay in getting my passport renewed. Within only a few hours I received an email from Shirley M. asking me to fill out an authorization form to act on my behalf. From start to finish it was only 48 hours later that my passport was approved and shipped. I’m amazed at how efficient this whole process was. And I thank the office of Congresswoman Fletcher!” August 21, 2020


Thomas Gillen

“I would like to thank the office of Congresswoman (especially Shirley M.) that helped me procure my passport for an emergency visit I need to make to schedule and travel to Mexico. I had been waiting for months in despair that I couldn’t visit my 91 year old mother in Mexico that survived a COVID infection and is slowly recovering from. The office was extremely helpful and crucial to be able to receive my renewed passport immediately. My thanks and gratitude for this help has been noted.” August 19, 2020

Lucie Novotny

“Lizzie Fletcher and her staff saved my wedding day!!! I can’t thank you enough!! My destination wedding is scheduled on 10/2/20 and my passport was sent to Charleston for processing which was at phase 0. After numerous calls to the National Passport Center, I decided to email Lizzie Fletcher’s office as a last resort before having to decide to postpone my wedding. Shirley M. reached out the same day I sent an email asking for assistance. I sent back the required form and my passport shipped in 48 hours!!! I can’t believe how fast I was able to get my passport! I’m so relieved I don’t have to postpone my wedding! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!” August 17, 2020

David Andrews

“I would like to thank the office of Congresswoman (especially Shirley M.) that helped me procure my passport for an emergency visit I need to make to schedule and travel to Mexico. I had been waiting for months in despair that I couldn’t visit my 91 year old mother in Mexico that survived a COVID infection and is slowly recovering from. The office was extremely helpful and crucial to be able to receive my renewed passport immediately. My thanks and gratitude for this help has been noted.” August 12, 2020

Erin Smith and Patrick Feges

“Hello Congresswoman Fletcher! We wanted to say thank you for the many ways in which you've served your community since the pandemic began. We live in another district but own a business, Feges BBQ, in yours. Because of Congresswomen and men like you voting for the CARES Act our business was able to receive a PPP loan which allowed us to rehire our entire staff and gave us some much needed life support during this very difficult time. Your commitment to your constituents and this city is evident. Thank you for all you do!” August 7, 2020

Christina Lee

“I filed my IRS tax return on 04/13/2020 via Turbo Tax with the anticipation of a tax refund which I had over paid in 2019. According to Turbo Tax it would normally take no more than three weeks for IRS to issue the refund. In the interim you can access the IRS website to check the refund status.

The three weeks pending time turned into three months and the only status the IRS website has provided was that "the refund is being processed".

Since there was no other way for me to contact IRS I resorted to Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher's office for assistance. I was grateful that Ms. Fletcher's office was able to pursuit this matter for me and I finally received the refund from IRS.” July 27, 2020

Clint Cobb

“As the COVID-19 pandemic began, the SBA in accordance with the CARES Act offered a forbearance on disaster loans. My specific loan was a result of the extensive damage Hurricane Harvey caused to my home and property in Houston, TX. I was anxious to take advantage of this opportunity, however I was having difficulty reaching an SBA representative to discuss and confirm forbearance details. Anna M. in Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher’s office was most helpful as she was responsive and thorough, in connecting me with a Sr. SBA representative to troubleshoot my issue and confirm the execution of the loan deferral.

I was most thankful, and recommend that any Texas resident within Texas’ 7th Congressional District contract Congresswoman Fletcher’s helpful and attentive staff for local, state, or federal assistance.” July 1, 2020

Michelle Scofield

“I contacted Representative Fletcher’s office to request assistance with a delayed refund from Norwegian Cruise Lines. I requested refund on 4/13/20 and as of 6/22/20 had no refund for a trip cancelled by Norwegian. I was contacted by email (and by phone) by Shirley M. Shirley was professional and compassionate and assured Norwegian was being contacted by Rep. Fletcher’s office. On 6/24/20 I was notified that refund was coming. On 6/27/20 the credit hit my credit card! So appreciative. Thank you!!!” July 1, 2020

Richard H. 

“Hi Lizzie, I just wanted to let you know how extremely helpful Spencer G. and Anna M. have been during this pandemic. You have two amazing staff members on your team! My family owns a retail store here in Houston and we have been doing what we can to survive through COVID-19. We had a number of important questions that we needed answered fairly quickly with regards to the Texas Workforce Commission and the PPP Loan, and both Spencer and Anna went above and beyond to get those questions answered as fast as possible. I can’t tell you how much that helped us in the process and I want to thank you so much for being available like that during this hard time. I’ve told countless people about your help and how impressed I was with your operation. I logged into the SBA webinars and they were immensely helpful. Thank you again!” June 29, 2020

Thomas Bieltz, Katy

“At the suggestion of Bill O’Reilly, I contacted Ms. Fletcher’s office to get a refund of a United Airlines cancelled flight. United was only willing to give me a flight credit. Ms. Fletcher’s office was able to get United to refund me the ticket price!” June 29, 2020


Olivia Malagon

“Hi, I contacted Representative Fletcher’s office through my friend Abigail Rangel, we are on the same boat, we were both trying to get emergency interviews for our husbands, since they were cancelled due to COVID-19. My husband’s interview was on April 17th, 2020.  Shirley M. has been an angel, and thanks to the inquiry she sent, my husband has an interview! Thanks for everything and for the help. If it wasn’t for you and your kind heart I don’t know what I would’ve done. Right now I’m just waiting for instructions from the consulate at Cuidad Juarez. I can’t wait until my husband is finally with me, and we will begin our journey together. Thanks from my husband and I. We will forever be grateful.” June 6, 2020

Manju Manari

“I contacted Congresswoman’s office through the website and I immediately got response on the proceedings for the office to contact USCIS to inquire about the delay in application processing. Earlier couple of times USCIS responded with the reason for delay, but finally since Shirley M. followed up with USCIS she forwarded me the response stating that my L2 application I539 has been approved. Then by next one month I got my I965 approved.” May 13, 2020


Sherri Johns

“Beginning in October 2019 I was having trouble with our mail service in the Rita Ranch neighborhood. I was paying my bills and putting them in the box for our block’s mail delivery. The bills were taking 2 to 3 weeks, some longer, to make it to their destinations and I was getting charged late fees. After a few months of this happening I was fed up and angry but wasn’t sure how to take care of the situation. I talked to my son about it and he suggested the registered letter to the Postmaster General and told me to CC our congressperson for this district. A week later I heard from Claudia M. at Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher’s office. Claudia has worked with me continuously since March 3 trying to get this issue taken care of in a timely manner. As of mid-April my bills are now reaching their destinations within days of being mailed. I am beyond grateful to Claudia M. at the office of Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher, and the time she put forth to help me resolve the issue.” April 30, 2020

Shweta Shyam

“I contacted Representative Fletcher’s office to seek help with my pending H4 visa and EAD renewal with USCIS. My H4 visa and EAD renewal applications were filed on January 29, 2020 along with my husband’s H1B renewal application. His H1B got approved through premium processing. My current H4 visa and EAD expired on April 16, 2020 and my employer terminated my employment without a valid H4 EAD card, which will cause a significant financial hardship for me and my family, and my employer.

I requested Representative Fletcher’s office to help me expedite both my cases with USCIS. Shirley M. handled my case and sent a request to USCIS on the same day. On the next business day, USCIS notified of the approval of the expedite request. I am very grateful to Shirley for her help. The expedite request approval will help me get a decision on my pending applications sooner than usual processing times.

I thank Shirley for her immediate help in this matter. I truly appreciate that.” April 28, 2020

Diana Strassmann

“I contacted Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher’s office for urgent help with a family member who was stuck in Peru. My niece’s husband, Dr. Julio Postigo, was conducting fieldwork on the Quelcaya glacier in Peru when Peru suddenly announced their imminent border closures. Because Julio was in such a remote area, he was not able to leave Peru before the borders closed. I was heartbroken to learn that Julio was among the many Americans and Permanent Residents trapped in Peru. Julio and my niece, Anna Strassmann Mueller, have been married for over ten years, and met at the University of Texas, where they both obtained their PhDs. We are very close, and were desperate for Julio’s safe return. We are so grateful for the speedy assistance of Congresswoman Fletcher and her dedicated staff, who were instrumental in bringing him back. Julio writes: “I truly value the influential efforts of US Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher for bringing me back home. It was extremely difficult for my wife Anna and me to be separated with all the uncertainty about the Covid-19 pandemic." April 4, 2020


Andy Marque

“While in Lima, Peru on personal business, the President of Peru announced the closure of its borders and the Lima airport due to the Corona Virus outbreak and the fear of significant infection of its people. The first announced closure was for a period of two weeks. After the initial two weeks, the President announced an extension of closed boarders for another thirteen days.

During this period, I was in contact with Congresswoman Fletcher’s Houston office, specifically Shirley M. Shirley provided daily status of the communications from both the State Department and the local US Embassy in Lima. She communicated to me that she was working with both offices to get my family evacuated through the US Government sanctioned Repatriation Task Force. She continued communicating her support to me all the way up to when the US Embassy in Lima approved our travel out of Lima. She also stayed in touch with me to ensure we made it back safely to Washington DC and then to Houston.

I would like to express our gratitude to Shirley M., Lizzie Fletcher, the State Department, and the US Embassy in Lima, United Airlines, and the Peruvian government for their efforts in getting us back. We are praying that the rest of the US citizens and their families get back safely.” April 2, 2020


Will Henderson

“I contacted Lizzie because my girlfriend and I were trapped in Peru during the lockdown of Peru.

The President of Peru closed the borders within 24 hours and there was no way to get out of the country. The Ambassador to Peru left the country and the State Department went silent.

My girlfriend, Lara Allen, and I contacted Lizzie to help us out. She had Shirley M. get in touch with us and she was excellent in keeping us informed and eventually helped us get on a repatriation flight back to the US. Thanks guys.” April 2, 2020

Jeanne-Mey Sun

“I contacted Representative Fletcher’s office when my family and I were stranded in Cusco, Peru. The Peruvian president declared a national state of emergency due to COVID-19 the evening of March 15, 2020 and closed all borders effective 11:59 pm the following day. All residents and travelers in Peru were required to serve a 15 day quarantine, which was subsequently extended for another 12 days. No commercial flights were permitted to leave the country during this period, only government-sponsored repatriation flights. We asked Representative Fletcher and her staff to make the State Department aware of our circumstances and advocate for early and frequent repatriation flights so that the thousands of American citizens and permanent residents in Peru could return to the U.S. Shirley M., on Representative Fletcher’s staff, was very helpful. She shared near real-time information from the State Department and intervened on our behalf with both the State Department and Repatriation Task Force on several occasions when we had concerns and questions about our repatriation. We were ultimately able to get on to a repatriation flight on Friday, March 27 and return to Houston on Saturday, March 28. We are very happy to be back in Houston and will remember her kind support long after we’re home.” April 2, 2020


Lara Allen

“Lizzie Fletcher and her team were critical in helping my boyfriend and I get a repatriation flight home from Cusco, Peru. We had been there on vacation when the Peruvian gov’t closed its borders for all travel in and out of the country. There was no time to prepare for such a turn of events, and were thus trapped in Peru. Lizzie Fletcher’s office was the first to respond to our pleas for help in getting back home; and I am confident in saying they did everything in their power to make sure we were taken care of. I felt like we had someone looking out for us. They kept us updated on their efforts, and made sure we’d taken all steps with the US Embassy to be on the repatriation flight list. I’m forever grateful for their help and am very glad to have Lizzie Fletcher as my representative.” April 1, 2020


Hal Metcalfe

“Our son, Chad Metcalfe, a Houston, Texas resident within Congresswoman Fletcher’s District, has been in and our of several hospitals in Houston, many times over the past several years, because he is suffering from chronic liver disease.

As a result of his liver issues, several of his other organs have also been negatively affected to the point that his survival depends on a liver transplant taking place within the next few months. His doctors have cleared him to receive a donated organ, and as a 39-year-old, he is considered an excellent candidate.

The primary barrier to this transplant; however, is that he will require assistance from Social Security, specifically Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Medicare to cover the costs. Although Chad applied for benefits as soon as he discovered his medical dilemma, the myriad administrative processes have caused significant delays. The ramifications of these delays have deleteriously affected Chad’s ability to receive drastically needed medical assistance, including prescriptive support until the surgery.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has received all of Chad’s medical records and he has completed every interview and questionnaire that has been requested. One of the documents he is waiting to receive from the SSA is the “Functionality Report”, which is necessary before SSDI can be received.

Unfortunately, the delays during this process will most likely extend beyond the remaining time that doctors expect our son to survive. Without Congresswoman Fletcher’s leadership and influence to assist and expedite the process, these delays will be fatal to Chad. For these reasons, we requested support from Congresswoman’s Office, specifically, Shirley M., Deputy District Director, who assisted Chad to expedite the administrative process. For these reasons, the entire Metcalfe family from Williamsburg, Virginia, as well as our son, Chad, are eternally grateful.” March 9, 2020

Dhwani Shah 

“Due to quick response of Representative Fletcher’s office, my EAD card was approved before my termination letter date. I was working since last 6 years. It was very critical phase for me, but I am very grateful for the kind help and continuous support for Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher. I am thankful to Shirley for continuous support throughout my process.” March 5, 2020

Cindy Broussard 

“My siblings and I will be 'forever grateful' to Representative Lizzie Fletcher and her Deputy Director, Shirley M., for their enormous help in securing the Veteran’s Administration pension for our father, Eugene Broussard.  Our father was a World War II veteran who will soon be 96 years old.

We began working with the VA almost 5 years ago and were made to do and redo countless forms.  The VA would neglect to respond to us in a timely manner and they were irresponsible in the handling of our father’s paperwork.

We contacted Representative Fletcher’s office not long after she took office. From the initial contact with the District 7 office (March, 2019 to last week February, 2020) the Congresswoman and her office never gave up on our family’s quest to get the pension that our father was entitled to receive.

The phone calls and the emails were made monthly, sometimes weekly by the District 7 office to get our father the monthly pension. He began receiving that in October. In the last few months, those District 7 phone calls and emails continued to try to secure the retroactive pay that our father was promised under his award. Again, thanks to the District 7 office, those funds are being deposited today.

We also appreciate the care that Representative Fletcher shows to the well being of older veterans.  Our father was proud to serve in the U.S. Army. Representative Fletcher honored him in October at her Town Hall meeting at Houston Community College. It meant so much to him that she presented a flag that had flown over the capital and a certificate honoring his service!

Representative Fletcher sends a weekly email wrap-up!  At the end of her email, she always emphasizes that her office is here to help her constituents!  She truly means what she says!

Again, we are forever grateful!"

Cindy Broussard Balderach, Reese Broussard Palmer, Patrick Broussard March 2, 2020

Stephanie Scollard 

“We contacted Representative Fletcher’s office for help with the USCIS office. My husband has applied for a green card and we were waiting for his work and travel permit. We had been waiting for about 7 months and his current visa was due to expire. Representative Fletcher’s office helped to contact the USCIS office and expedite the generation of his work permit. Thank you!” September 17, 2019

Rita and Cyril Asagwara 

“We contacted Representative Fletcher office mid July requesting assistance for our USCIS application. Within 24 hours we were instructed by the office to provide the necessary documents required for the office to act on our behalf. Within weeks of sending all required information we got our document reviewed and approved by USCIS. The process was very smooth and seamless. Rep. Fletcher’s office took our case and fought on behalf of my family to get our case expedited. On August 14, we received our long-awaited news that our case was being reviewed by USCIS and within a day or two our case was approved.

"Thanks to Rep. Fletcher’s office, my spouse began a new job a week after we got our document from USCIS. We would like to thank Rep. Fletcher and her office for their outstanding commitment to my family; you all placed high priority on our case and got the job done. You will always have my family’s support.” August 28, 2019

Diego Justiniano Capistrano Pinho 

“I experienced a long unit to have my EAD approved and issued by the USCIS. By the time I contacted Representative Fletcher’s Office, my case was already outside the regular processing time. Due to the delay in reviewing the case, I was forced to stop working at the law firm and I had my employment contract suspended. Representative’s office helped me by providing information on the status of my case. Without her team’s effort, I am not sure if I would have received my EAD on time before losing my job position with the law firm.” August 20, 2019

Zahbia Iftikhar 

“Representative Fletcher and her office were extremely helpful in expediting the delivery of my husband’s employment authorization and advance parole travel document which was pending with the USCIS. This was urgently required for my husband’s travel abroad owing to a family emergency. I am deeply thankful to Representative Fletcher and her staff without whom, this would not have been possible.” July 25, 2019

Kaipeng Li 

“I contacted Representative Fletcher's office to ask their help to check with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and to submit an expedite inquiry on my application (Form I-765) for employment authorization. I have submitted my application in March 2019, and it was pending for 4 months, and I have urgent need of employment authorization document (EAD) to start employment with my employer in July 2019. Shirley M., the constituent services director of Fletcher's office, has helped me to contact USCIS and submit expedite request for my application. Due to her favorable help, my application was approved very soon, and I were able to receive EAD and start employment in time.” July 23, 2019

Marja Gabrielle Markus and Fredrico Martins 

“We needed assistance getting my USCIS case moved to the Houston office. After filing a change of address our case was still in the California office where we previously lived. We were worried that my immigration case was going to be denied due to ‘no show.’ Upon contacting Rep. Fletcher’s office, we received rapid response from Shirley M. (constituent director). She was able to get in contact with USCIS to ensure the interview was cancelled and sent to the Houston office. We received confirmation that the case was being sent to the Houston office. Kudos to Rep. Fletcher, Shirley, and everyone in the office for being so great at helping out its constituents. Thank you!” July 22, 2019

Shilpa Bhadviya, Cypress

“I contacted Congresswoman Lizzie office to get help with I-765 application that was pending with the USCIS since November 01, 2018 in Vermont center. I was not getting any update about my case. Congresswoman Lizzie’s office contacted the office and received real time information about my application. The staff promptly followed my case with the USCIS office bi-weekly and keep me posted with current updates about my case. I finally received my EAD card on June 13th, 2019. I am very grateful for Congresswoman Lizzie taking time to respond and help me get a response." June 13, 2019

Muhammed and Elizabeth Sallah 

“Needed help with a federal agency (USCIS) as my EAD was supposed to be mailed to me. For some reason, I never received any card. I was forced to re-apply and with the prolonged processing times, any job offer (RN) was on the balance (my employer gave me a time frame). Contacted Congresswoman to help expedite my case. By the way, also contacted other officials to help them with my case but little was done. Congresswoman was always easy to reach, very efficient and HELPFUL. I got my card in 3 weeks. 😊. Thank you, Madame Congresswoman." June 11, 2019

Mansi Dewan 

“I contacted Representative Fletcher’s office because I had a trip coming up and had not yet received my passport back from the renewal office. I was unable to get much information from the Passport Agency. From the moment I contacted Representative Fletcher’s office they were so helpful. I was put in touch with Claudia M. who got my information and began working on my case right away. She provided me with multiple updates which was really nice because I was very concerned. Less than 24 hours after I contacted Lizzie Fletcher’s office, the Passport Agency had processed and mailed out my passport. I am so thankful to Lizzie Fletcher and her staff, especially Claudia M. Thank you!” June 10, 2019

Qiao Sun 

“I was living in the district of Congresswoman Fletcher by the time I contacted her office. I contacted the office for my USICS case: Optional Practical Training (OPT) application. By that time, I received an offer by the attendance date was kind of pressing. However, it was difficult for myself to notify the USICS officer of the situation and sent them the company’s request letter of expediting the case processing time. I searched online and some students suggested we may seek help from our district representatives. Therefore, I tried to call the Congresswoman Fletcher’s office based on my zip code and explained my case to her assistant Claudia M. I feel grateful appreciate the help and patience that they offered. They helped me contact the USCIS officer and attached my company’s request letter to better explain my case status, which led to the approval of expediting the case processing. Without their help, my case would wait fare more than I can expect. So I want to thank Ms. Fletcher, and her officers’ help.” June 2, 2019

Khanh Tran 

“My employment authorization application has been pending for 6 months and I have a job offer that requires me to start soon. I contacted Rep. Fletcher’s office to ask for her assistance in determining the status of my case with USCIS office. Her office, Shirley M., in particular reached out to USCIS immediately and was very quick in response. She communicated frequently with me what USCIS informed her of my case. Just a few weeks after, my EAD application was approved and my card was mailed. Had it not been for Rep. Fletcher and her office, I may not have received my EAD in time to start my new job. She truly cares about her constituents and does everything in her power to help me solve my problem.” April 29, 2019


Osman M. Hassan
Osman M. Hassan