Constituent Testimonials

Erin Smith and Patrick Feges

“Hello Congresswoman Fletcher! We wanted to say thank you for the many ways in which you've served your community since the pandemic began. We live in another district but own a business, Feges BBQ, in yours. Because of Congresswomen and men like you voting for the CARES Act our business was able to receive a PPP loan which allowed us to rehire our entire staff and gave us some much needed life support during this very difficult time. Your commitment to your constituents and this city is evident. Thank you for all you do!” August 7, 2020

Clint Cobb

“As the COVID-19 pandemic began, the SBA in accordance with the CARES Act offered a forbearance on disaster loans. My specific loan was a result of the extensive damage Hurricane Harvey caused to my home and property in Houston, TX. I was anxious to take advantage of this opportunity, however I was having difficulty reaching an SBA representative to discuss and confirm forbearance details. Anna M. in Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher’s office was most helpful as she was responsive and thorough, in connecting me with a Sr. SBA representative to troubleshoot my issue and confirm the execution of the loan deferral.

I was most thankful, and recommend that any Texas resident within Texas’ 7th Congressional District contract Congresswoman Fletcher’s helpful and attentive staff for local, state, or federal assistance.” July 1, 2020

Richard H. 

“Hi Lizzie, I just wanted to let you know how extremely helpful Spencer G. and Anna M. have been during this pandemic. You have two amazing staff members on your team! My family owns a retail store here in Houston and we have been doing what we can to survive through COVID-19. We had a number of important questions that we needed answered fairly quickly with regards to the Texas Workforce Commission and the PPP Loan, and both Spencer and Anna went above and beyond to get those questions answered as fast as possible. I can’t tell you how much that helped us in the process and I want to thank you so much for being available like that during this hard time. I’ve told countless people about your help and how impressed I was with your operation. I logged into the SBA webinars and they were immensely helpful. Thank you again!” June 29, 2020

Thomas Bieltz, Katy

“At the suggestion of Bill O’Reilly, I contacted Ms. Fletcher’s office to get a refund of a United Airlines cancelled flight. United was only willing to give me a flight credit. Ms. Fletcher’s office was able to get United to refund me the ticket price!” June 29, 2020

Diana Strassmann

“I contacted Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher’s office for urgent help with a family member who was stuck in Peru. My niece’s husband, Dr. Julio Postigo, was conducting fieldwork on the Quelcaya glacier in Peru when Peru suddenly announced their imminent border closures. Because Julio was in such a remote area, he was not able to leave Peru before the borders closed. I was heartbroken to learn that Julio was among the many Americans and Permanent Residents trapped in Peru. Julio and my niece, Anna Strassmann Mueller, have been married for over ten years, and met at the University of Texas, where they both obtained their PhDs. We are very close, and were desperate for Julio’s safe return. We are so grateful for the speedy assistance of Congresswoman Fletcher and her dedicated staff, who were instrumental in bringing him back. Julio writes: “I truly value the influential efforts of US Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher for bringing me back home. It was extremely difficult for my wife Anna and me to be separated with all the uncertainty about the Covid-19 pandemic." April 4, 2020


Andy Marque

“While in Lima, Peru on personal business, the President of Peru announced the closure of its borders and the Lima airport due to the Corona Virus outbreak and the fear of significant infection of its people. The first announced closure was for a period of two weeks. After the initial two weeks, the President announced an extension of closed boarders for another thirteen days.

During this period, I was in contact with Congresswoman Fletcher’s Houston office, specifically Shirley M. Shirley provided daily status of the communications from both the State Department and the local US Embassy in Lima. She communicated to me that she was working with both offices to get my family evacuated through the US Government sanctioned Repatriation Task Force. She continued communicating her support to me all the way up to when the US Embassy in Lima approved our travel out of Lima. She also stayed in touch with me to ensure we made it back safely to Washington DC and then to Houston.

I would like to express our gratitude to Shirley M., Lizzie Fletcher, the State Department, and the US Embassy in Lima, United Airlines, and the Peruvian government for their efforts in getting us back. We are praying that the rest of the US citizens and their families get back safely.” April 2, 2020


Will Henderson

“I contacted Lizzie because my girlfriend and I were trapped in Peru during the lockdown of Peru.

The President of Peru closed the borders within 24 hours and there was no way to get out of the country. The Ambassador to Peru left the country and the State Department went silent.

My girlfriend, Lara Allen, and I contacted Lizzie to help us out. She had Shirley M. get in touch with us and she was excellent in keeping us informed and eventually helped us get on a repatriation flight back to the US. Thanks guys.” April 2, 2020

Jeanne-Mey Sun

“I contacted Representative Fletcher’s office when my family and I were stranded in Cusco, Peru. The Peruvian president declared a national state of emergency due to COVID-19 the evening of March 15, 2020 and closed all borders effective 11:59 pm the following day. All residents and travelers in Peru were required to serve a 15 day quarantine, which was subsequently extended for another 12 days. No commercial flights were permitted to leave the country during this period, only government-sponsored repatriation flights. We asked Representative Fletcher and her staff to make the State Department aware of our circumstances and advocate for early and frequent repatriation flights so that the thousands of American citizens and permanent residents in Peru could return to the U.S. Shirley M., on Representative Fletcher’s staff, was very helpful. She shared near real-time information from the State Department and intervened on our behalf with both the State Department and Repatriation Task Force on several occasions when we had concerns and questions about our repatriation. We were ultimately able to get on to a repatriation flight on Friday, March 27 and return to Houston on Saturday, March 28. We are very happy to be back in Houston and will remember her kind support long after we’re home.” April 2, 2020


Lara Allen

“Lizzie Fletcher and her team were critical in helping my boyfriend and I get a repatriation flight home from Cusco, Peru. We had been there on vacation when the Peruvian gov’t closed its borders for all travel in and out of the country. There was no time to prepare for such a turn of events, and were thus trapped in Peru. Lizzie Fletcher’s office was the first to respond to our pleas for help in getting back home; and I am confident in saying they did everything in their power to make sure we were taken care of. I felt like we had someone looking out for us. They kept us updated on their efforts, and made sure we’d taken all steps with the US Embassy to be on the repatriation flight list. I’m forever grateful for their help and am very glad to have Lizzie Fletcher as my representative.” April 1, 2020


Hal Metcalfe

“Our son, Chad Metcalfe, a Houston, Texas resident within Congresswoman Fletcher’s District, has been in and our of several hospitals in Houston, many times over the past several years, because he is suffering from chronic liver disease.

As a result of his liver issues, several of his other organs have also been negatively affected to the point that his survival depends on a liver transplant taking place within the next few months. His doctors have cleared him to receive a donated organ, and as a 39-year-old, he is considered an excellent candidate.

The primary barrier to this transplant; however, is that he will require assistance from Social Security, specifically Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Medicare to cover the costs. Although Chad applied for benefits as soon as he discovered his medical dilemma, the myriad administrative processes have caused significant delays. The ramifications of these delays have deleteriously affected Chad’s ability to receive drastically needed medical assistance, including prescriptive support until the surgery.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has received all of Chad’s medical records and he has completed every interview and questionnaire that has been requested. One of the documents he is waiting to receive from the SSA is the “Functionality Report”, which is necessary before SSDI can be received.

Unfortunately, the delays during this process will most likely extend beyond the remaining time that doctors expect our son to survive. Without Congresswoman Fletcher’s leadership and influence to assist and expedite the process, these delays will be fatal to Chad. For these reasons, we requested support from Congresswoman’s Office, specifically, Shirley M., Deputy District Director, who assisted Chad to expedite the administrative process. For these reasons, the entire Metcalfe family from Williamsburg, Virginia, as well as our son, Chad, are eternally grateful.” March 9, 2020

Dhwani Shah 

“Due to quick response of Representative Fletcher’s office, my EAD card was approved before my termination letter date. I was working since last 6 years. It was very critical phase for me, but I am very grateful for the kind help and continuous support for Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher. I am thankful to Shirley for continuous support throughout my process.” March 5, 2020

Cindy Broussard 

“My siblings and I will be 'forever grateful' to Representative Lizzie Fletcher and her Deputy Director, Shirley M., for their enormous help in securing the Veteran’s Administration pension for our father, Eugene Broussard.  Our father was a World War II veteran who will soon be 96 years old.

We began working with the VA almost 5 years ago and were made to do and redo countless forms.  The VA would neglect to respond to us in a timely manner and they were irresponsible in the handling of our father’s paperwork.

We contacted Representative Fletcher’s office not long after she took office. From the initial contact with the District 7 office (March, 2019 to last week February, 2020) the Congresswoman and her office never gave up on our family’s quest to get the pension that our father was entitled to receive.

The phone calls and the emails were made monthly, sometimes weekly by the District 7 office to get our father the monthly pension. He began receiving that in October. In the last few months, those District 7 phone calls and emails continued to try to secure the retroactive pay that our father was promised under his award. Again, thanks to the District 7 office, those funds are being deposited today.

We also appreciate the care that Representative Fletcher shows to the well being of older veterans.  Our father was proud to serve in the U.S. Army. Representative Fletcher honored him in October at her Town Hall meeting at Houston Community College. It meant so much to him that she presented a flag that had flown over the capital and a certificate honoring his service!

Representative Fletcher sends a weekly email wrap-up!  At the end of her email, she always emphasizes that her office is here to help her constituents!  She truly means what she says!

Again, we are forever grateful!"

Cindy Broussard Balderach, Reese Broussard Palmer, Patrick Broussard March 2, 2020

Stephanie Scollard 

“We contacted Representative Fletcher’s office for help with the USCIS office. My husband has applied for a green card and we were waiting for his work and travel permit. We had been waiting for about 7 months and his current visa was due to expire. Representative Fletcher’s office helped to contact the USCIS office and expedite the generation of his work permit. Thank you!” September 17, 2019

Rita and Cyril Asagwara 

“We contacted Representative Fletcher office mid July requesting assistance for our USCIS application. Within 24 hours we were instructed by the office to provide the necessary documents required for the office to act on our behalf. Within weeks of sending all required information we got our document reviewed and approved by USCIS. The process was very smooth and seamless. Rep. Fletcher’s office took our case and fought on behalf of my family to get our case expedited. On August 14, we received our long-awaited news that our case was being reviewed by USCIS and within a day or two our case was approved.

"Thanks to Rep. Fletcher’s office, my spouse began a new job a week after we got our document from USCIS. We would like to thank Rep. Fletcher and her office for their outstanding commitment to my family; you all placed high priority on our case and got the job done. You will always have my family’s support.” August 28, 2019

Diego Justiniano Capistrano Pinho 

“I experienced a long unit to have my EAD approved and issued by the USCIS. By the time I contacted Representative Fletcher’s Office, my case was already outside the regular processing time. Due to the delay in reviewing the case, I was forced to stop working at the law firm and I had my employment contract suspended. Representative’s office helped me by providing information on the status of my case. Without her team’s effort, I am not sure if I would have received my EAD on time before losing my job position with the law firm.” August 20, 2019

Zahbia Iftikhar 

“Representative Fletcher and her office were extremely helpful in expediting the delivery of my husband’s employment authorization and advance parole travel document which was pending with the USCIS. This was urgently required for my husband’s travel abroad owing to a family emergency. I am deeply thankful to Representative Fletcher and her staff without whom, this would not have been possible.” July 25, 2019

Kaipeng Li 

“I contacted Representative Fletcher's office to ask their help to check with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and to submit an expedite inquiry on my application (Form I-765) for employment authorization. I have submitted my application in March 2019, and it was pending for 4 months, and I have urgent need of employment authorization document (EAD) to start employment with my employer in July 2019. Shirley M., the constituent services director of Fletcher's office, has helped me to contact USCIS and submit expedite request for my application. Due to her favorable help, my application was approved very soon, and I were able to receive EAD and start employment in time.” July 23, 2019

Marja Gabrielle Markus and Fredrico Martins 

“We needed assistance getting my USCIS case moved to the Houston office. After filing a change of address our case was still in the California office where we previously lived. We were worried that my immigration case was going to be denied due to ‘no show.’ Upon contacting Rep. Fletcher’s office, we received rapid response from Shirley M. (constituent director). She was able to get in contact with USCIS to ensure the interview was cancelled and sent to the Houston office. We received confirmation that the case was being sent to the Houston office. Kudos to Rep. Fletcher, Shirley, and everyone in the office for being so great at helping out its constituents. Thank you!” July 22, 2019

Shilpa Bhadviya, Cypress

“I contacted Congresswoman Lizzie office to get help with I-765 application that was pending with the USCIS since November 01, 2018 in Vermont center. I was not getting any update about my case. Congresswomen Lizzie’s office contacted the office and received real time information about my application. The staff promptly followed my case with the USCIS office bi-weekly and keep me posted with current updates about my case. I finally received my EAD card on June 13th, 2019. I am very grateful for Congresswoman Lizzie taking time to respond and help me get a response." June 13, 2019

Muhammed and Elizabeth Sallah 

“Needed help with a federal agency (USCIS) as my EAD was supposed to be mailed to me. For some reason, I never received any card. I was forced to re-apply and with the prolonged processing times, any job offer (RN) was on the balance (my employer gave me a time frame). Contacted Congresswoman to help expedite my case. By the way, also contacted other officials to help them with my case but little was done. Congresswoman was always easy to reach, very efficient and HELPFUL. I got my card in 3 weeks. 😊. Thank you, Madame Congresswoman." June 11, 2019

Mansi Dewan 

“I contacted Representative Fletcher’s office because I had a trip coming up and had not yet received my passport back from the renewal office. I was unable to get much information from the Passport Agency. From the moment I contacted Representative Fletcher’s office they were so helpful. I was put in touch with Claudia M. who got my information and began working on my case right away. She provided me with multiple updates which was really nice because I was very concerned. Less than 24 hours after I contacted Lizzie Fletcher’s office, the Passport Agency had processed and mailed out my passport. I am so thankful to Lizzie Fletcher and her staff, especially Claudia M. Thank you!” June 10, 2019

Qiao Sun 

“I was living in the district of Congresswoman Fletcher by the time I contacted her office. I contacted the office for my USICS case: Optional Practical Training (OPT) application. By that time, I received an offer by the attendance date was kind of pressing. However, it was difficult for myself to notify the USICS officer of the situation and sent them the company’s request letter of expediting the case processing time. I searched online and some students suggested we may seek help from our district representatives. Therefore, I tried to call the Congresswoman Fletcher’s office based on my zip code and explained my case to her assistant Claudia M. I feel grateful appreciate the help and patience that they offered. They helped me contact the USCIS officer and attached my company’s request letter to better explain my case status, which led to the approval of expediting the case processing. Without their help, my case would wait fare more than I can expect. So I want to thank Ms. Fletcher, and her officers’ help.” June 2, 2019

Sherri L. Johns 

“Beginning in October 2019 I was having trouble with our mail service in the Rita Ranch neighborhood. I was paying my bills and putting them in the box for our block’s mail delivery. The bills were taking 2 to 3 weeks, some longer, to make it to their destinations and I was getting charged late fees. After a few months of this happening I was fed up and angry but wasn’t sure how to take care of the situation. I talked to my son about it and he suggested the registered letter to the Postmaster General and told me to CC our congressperson for this district. A week later I heard from Claudia M. at Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher’s office. Claudia has worked with me continuously since March 3 trying to get this issue taken care of in a timely manner. I began taking my bills to the Spring Cypress post office location and mailing from there. There were no issues with that location. On March 18 the honorable Lizzie Fletcher received a letter from the Copperfield station stating I had been contacted and spoken to regarding the matter … I had not been contacted by anyone at any postal location, including the Postmaster General. As of mid-April my bills are now reaching their destinations within days of being mailed. I am beyond grateful to Claudia M. at the office of Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher, and the time she put forth to help me resolve the issue.” April 30, 2020

Khanh Tran 

“My employment authorization application has been pending for 6 months and I have a job offer that requires me to start soon. I contacted Rep. Fletcher’s office to ask for her assistance in determining the status of my case with USCIS office. Her office, Shirley M., in particular reached out to USCIS immediately and was very quick in response. She communicated frequently with me what USCIS informed her of my case. Just a few weeks after, my EAD application was approved and my card was mailed. Had it not been for Rep. Fletcher and her office, I may not have received my EAD in time to start my new job. She truly cares about her constituents and does everything in her power to help me solve my problem.” April 29, 2019