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Meet her at the market: Rep. Fletcher to host constituents’ drop-in today at Kroger

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Across the Aisles

U.S. Rep. Lizzie Fletcher (D-Texas Dist. 7) will hold one of her periodic “Across the Aisles” sessions from 2:30-3:30 p.m. today (Tuesday, Sept. 6) at the Kroger, 5150 Buffalo Speedway at Westpark. Constituents can drop by to chat with the two-term congresswoman about issues on their minds and to find out about services available to them. Read on Bellaire/West U Essentials.

Whatever happened to the new no-patent COVID vaccine touted as a global game changer?

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Back in January, we told you about a different kind of COVID vaccine that had just been approved for use in India. The vaccine, called Corbevax, had some very attractive properties: It's low-cost, easy to make using well-established biotech processes — and patent-free. The vaccine's inventors were hoping it would help address questions of vaccine equity for countries that can't afford to…

Pace of Harris County home buyouts slower than hoped for after Hurricane Harvey

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On a hot day in July, a small audience of cars appeared camped out across the street from a demolition site. Local residents were there to bear witness to a highly anticipated event in South Kingwood: the last of the Forest Cove Townhomes were getting knocked down. For the past five years, a complex of townhomes has sat empty and ramshackled after getting slammed with stormwater…

St. Luke’s United Methodist Church holds ceremonial groundbreaking on transformative new Community Center in Houston’s Gulfton/Sharpstown area

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St. Luke’s United Methodist Church today held a ceremonial groundbreaking event for construction of an expansive new $23.5 million Community Center in the Gulfton/Sharpstown area of Southwest Houston, located on its Gethsemane church campus at 6856 Bellaire Blvd. Attended by St. Luke’s members, leadership teams and staff, non-profit stakeholders (who will soon run their operations in the…

Editorial: No, hell didn’t freeze over. Here's why climate bill is close to passing.

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This week, five years ago, Houston was reeling from three years of major floods — Memorial Day, Tax Day, Memorial Day again. Many of us were soggy but still skeptical of whether the heavy rains were really connected to climate change. Then came Hurricane Harvey at the end of August and its biblical downpour, dumping more than 50 inches of rain onto the city. Bird’s-eye view…

Judge Hidalgo Announces Brighter Futures for Harris County Kids Initiative

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Judge Lina Hidalgo shared evidence-based strategies as the cornerstone of an $84 million investment in Harris County children and families. The Brighter Futures for Harris County Kids was announced in a press conference Wednesday afternoon. Judge Hidalgo along with Commissioner Ellis, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, Congresswoman Sylvia Garcia, Congressmember Al Green, and Congresswoman…

Three out of four Texans believe abortion should be allowed in some form

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. . . Extremists lawmakers in Texas and many other states are making it even harder, creating a crisis that is an affront to our values and undermines our ability to make our own decisions about our lives. — U.S. Representative Lizzie Fletcher, (D) Houston Better than three out of four Texans believe abortion should be allowed in our state, in some form. Only 15% of Texans contend…

Texas lawmaker says failure of abortion referendum in Kansas shows voters are motivated

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The resounding defeat of the abortion referendum in Kansas continues to reverberate across the nation. And Texas Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher believes what happened in Kansas, won’t stay in Kansas. “The referendum in Kansas is consistent with what we’ve seen in Texas which is a majority of voters in the state want to make sure that women have access to abortion care when they…