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Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher Statement on Articles of Impeachment

(Houston, TX) – Today, Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher (TX-07) shared the following message with her constituents conveying her thoughts on the articles of impeachment, an excerpt of which follows:

“Few questions can be more important to our democracy than the question of whether the President of the United States has broken his solemn vow—made to all of us—to faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States and to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.

“In my lifetime, this question of whether to impeach a President has been put to the House of Representatives only one time before.  And in the life of our country, only three times. 

“It is the responsibility of Congress to investigate the President’s conduct with the seriousness and fairness it requires.  I believe that the House of Representatives has done so.  And in evaluating the questions now before me, I have done the same, examining the evidence and the Constitution.

“The facts leading to this moment are not in dispute.  The President has provided a call summary memorializing his communications with the President of Ukraine.  Those communications and other evidence presented to Congress show that he used the power of the Office of the President to solicit a personal, political benefit.  It is also undisputed that, once the Congress began its investigation into this conduct, the President not only refused to participate, he prohibited others from doing so, withholding documents and information important to the inquiry.  

“Our Constitution grants powers and imposes responsibilities to three co-equal branches of government—a system of checks and balances.  Our founders fashioned the exclusive power of impeachment so that Congress can act when a President abuses the powers of the office and the trust that we, the people, place in it.  It is central to our very foundations that no individual, including and especially the President, is above the law. 

“As a member of Congress, I also swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.  And that is why, when the articles of impeachment are presented in the House, I will vote yes on both.

“I do so knowing that you have placed your trust in me to represent you.  I am grateful for and honored by that privilege.  I also do so knowing that not all who live in our district answer these questions in the same way.  I respect the views of all who have shared their thoughts with me.

“We are at a serious and somber moment in our country’s history.  Many have expressed uncertainty about our path forward, but we have a guide.  It is our Constitution.  I have faith in our Constitution, in our country, and in our community.  And it is my view, voting yes is consistent with that faith—faith in an America of, by, and for the people.”