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Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher Statement on Protests in Houston and Across the Country

Washington, June 2, 2020 | Rocio Cruz

(Houston, TX) – Today, Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher (TX-07) released the following statement after the killing of George Floyd sparked demonstrations across the country:

“Over the last week, as our country witnessed and confronted the killing of George Floyd, Americans have been speaking out about the failure of policing and the failure of justice that his death represents—failures with deep roots in our shared history.

“George Floyd.  Ahmaud Arbery.  Breonna Taylor.  Michael Brown.  Tamir Rice.  Philando Castile.  Eric Garner.  Walter Scott.  Trayvon Martin.  These are people whose names many have come to know in recent years because of the way they died—at the hands of police, or of people purporting to act as though they were.  And we know that there have been so many other black men and women whose lives ended in a similar way—in recent years and throughout our history as a country.  

“At this moment, those protesting and demonstrating are showing us the depth of the pain across our country from the years of systemic racism and injustice.  I have been grateful for the community leaders here in Houston who have led peaceful marches, demonstrations, and memorial events as well as for our local government and law enforcement officials who have marched with them, acknowledged the pain and the history in our own community, and pledged to work together to address systemic racism and injustice.

“We are at a critical moment in our country’s history.  It is not enough merely to condemn the death of George Floyd and those who died before him or the systems that failed them; we must work for change.  It is incumbent upon all of us to take this moment and transform it into sustained and effective action to end racism, to promote justice, and to ensure equal protection under the law.  I am committed to doing my part, and to partnering with people across our Houston community and my colleagues in Congress to do so.”