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Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher Statement following Storming of the U.S. Capitol

(Washington, DC) – Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher (TX-07) issued the following statement addressing the storming of the U.S. Capitol during the certification of the results of the 2020 Presidential election:

“Yesterday, we experienced an unprecedented—almost unimaginable—attack on our country.  As the Vice President of the United States, the Senate, and the House of Representatives convened to do the most sacred of duties—certifying the states’ results of the electoral college for the next President of the United States, a seditious mob stormed the United States Capitol building.  

“As the Representative for Texas’ Seventh Congressional District, I have the privilege to work in the United States Capitol.  It is the People’s House.  It is a hallowed place.  And I was present in the House of Representatives chamber yesterday as the Capitol building and the democratic system of government that it represents was attacked.

“I am grateful for the many members of our community who expressed their concerns for my safety and for our country yesterday.  And I am grateful to the Capitol Police officers and law enforcement officers who protected me and the others present during this sad and shameful attack.

“Not since the War of 1812 has our Capitol been invaded in this way.  Yet, yesterday our Capitol was taken over by a mob that desecrated its halls and forced the people’s elected representatives to evacuate to safety.  This insurrection was incited, encouraged, and praised by the President of the United States—an assault on the United States that would once have been unthinkable. 

“There are many matters relating to yesterday’s attack that must be examined and addressed.  But one matter is urgent: It is now clear that the President of the United States represents a grave threat to our Constitution and to our country.  He has willfully incited violence against the Government of the United States.  It is for these reasons that I support his removal from office as soon as possible, whether through the process set forth in the 25th Amendment to the Constitution or through the constitutional process of impeachment.”