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Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher Calls for Investigation of Mail Theft and Other Mail Service Issues at Post Offices in Texas’ Seventh Congressional District

Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher (TX-07) is calling on the Postmaster Inspector General to investigate persistent cases of mail theft and other mail service issues at postal offices in Texas’ Seventh Congressional District.  This comes after an April audit of the North Houston Processing and Distribution Center revealed that the center had the highest overall delayed mail volume in the country.  Specifically, Congresswoman Fletcher requested an investigation into issues occurring at USPS Post Office Ashford West (12655 Whittington Dr, Houston, Texas 77077), USPS Post Office Westbury (11805 Chimney Rock Rd, Houston, Texas 77035), and the USPS Post Office Julius Melcher Station (2802 Timmons Lane, Houston, Texas 77027).  

“Since May 2019, constituents have contacted my office with reports of stolen and lost mail, mailboxes that have been broken into or need repairs to be functional, and washed checks,” wrote Congresswoman Fletcher.  “Many of my constituents rely on the USPS for life-saving medications, stimulus checks, tax refunds, and correspondence with loved ones in this challenging and isolating time… Houstonians cannot wait for meaningful changes at the North Houston P&DC nor should they have to continue without remedy as mail is stolen and accessible services are removed.”

In her letter, Congresswoman Fletcher called for the Inspector General to do the following: 

  1. Investigate how a copy of the master key to the Terraces on Memorial cluster mailbox (local Post Office: Ashford West) was made so that the new master key will not be replicated and mail will not be stolen in the future; 
  2. Investigate why mail continues to be lost at Ashford West, resulting in washed and stolen checks among other problems; 
  3. Investigate why mail continues to be lost at the Julius Melcher Station, resulting in washed and stolen checks among other problems; 
  4. Explain why the drive-up box and self-service kiosk at Westbury no longer work or have been removed, and detail possible remedies that maintain coronavirus safety protocols and access for the differently abled;
  5. Ensure that the North Houston P&DC processes mail on its normal incoming sort plan in the future so that accurate numbers of delayed mail can be calculated, and problems can be identified in a timely manner; and
  6. Plan a follow-up audit to ensure that their recent findings and these requests have been thoroughly addressed within two years. 

You can read the full letter here.