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Over $30M in funding to go toward repairs to West U's Poor Farm Ditch to prevent flooding

Millions of dollars will fund a project that aims to protect Harris County homes from flooding.

Poor Farm Ditch is a man-made waterway that runs through West University and Southside Place before emptying into Brays Bayou. It's one of the county's oldest ditches and in desperate need of repair.

After years of negotiations, all levels of government pitched in to pay the more than $30 million price tag to rehabilitate the channel.

The funding breaks down as $5.7 million from the Harris County Flood Control District, $150,000 from the City of Southside Place, $150,000 from the City of West University Place, $16.9 million from state Rep. Ann Johnson and Sen. Joan Huffman, and $9.9 million from Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher.

The project is expected to help Poor Farm Ditch prevent catastrophic flooding and protect 500 homes in the area.

The funding will support building a channel structure and rehabilitating existing channels by improving water capacity, reinforcing access ramps, and ensuring Harris County Flood Control District can continue to provide maintenance.

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