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Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher Statement on the President’s Remarks Against Members of Congress

Washington, July 15, 2019
(Washington, DC) – Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher (TX-07) issued the following statement regarding remarks made by President Trump about members of Congress on Twitter yesterday and at the White House today:

“Yesterday, the President of the United States made comments on Twitter urging some of my colleagues in Congress to ‘go back [to the] places from which they came.’ Today, he repeated those comments, identifying some members specifically and suggesting that they leave the country.

“The President’s statements are an affront – to duly elected members of Congress, to the constituents they represent, and to all Americans. It is disrespectful, it is divisive, and it is dangerous.

“Underlying the numerous factual errors, the baseless assertions, and the racist statements, is a clear message from the President: women, immigrants, and others—even if members of Congress—are not entitled to a say in ‘how our government is to be run.’

“But the people are precisely the ones who decide how our government is to be run. And we do so through our members of Congress, and our representatives in offices across the country. The President’s further claim that citizens cannot, through their elected representatives or otherwise, criticize our government, advocate for policy, or work for change reflects a fundamental misconception of our government and its purpose: it is—and must be—a government of, by, and for the people.

“I have the privilege of being a part of that government, representing one of the most diverse groups of citizens in the United States. Our community is one of immigrants – from across the country and around the world. We come from many places, backgrounds, faiths, and traditions. We have a diversity of experiences, beliefs, views, and priorities. And we have a say in how our government is to be run. It is not just our right, it is our responsibility.

“We have a long and imperfect history in this country. But we also have a long tradition of people using their voices to make this country a more perfect union. Today, I join Americans across the country in denouncing this divisive, demeaning, and damaging attack on our American values, our fundamental beliefs, and our democratic system.”